Top Graduation Films picked by the Staff

Jasmine Masalmeh, Staff Writer

Seniors of 2020 will have a less-than-traditional graduation from TuHS. From the comfort of our homes, we are doing our best to create an atmosphere of achievement and pride for our Timberwolves who will be moving on to bigger and better opportunities beyond the stone walls of Tualatin. As we celebrate graduation in the solace of our homes, there are a few films out there that capture the feeling of growing up and going on better than ever, perfect for our home ceremonies.

Lady Bird follows Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson as she navigates her final year in high school, looking to make it as memorable as possible. Financial problems and the prospect of community college don’t stop Lady Bird from reaching for the stars. Although she does all she can to leave Sacramento, a place she didn’t call home, we see her shift her view for the better. The growth, comedy and teen memories displayed are nothing short of nostalgic, a well-created cinematic masterpiece.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower debuts with lonely Charlie, awkwardly trying to make friends in his new high school
as he is teased and outcasted for being “fresh meat.” He’s already counting down the days until the end of the year when a fateful football game allows him to connect with the two best friends he didn’t know he had. Patrick and Sam are eccentric seniors, energetic and vivacious with a liking for old ‘80s music and an interest in Charlie. They become fast friends, with Charlie dreading the day they leave for college. Nonetheless, the end of their senior year was just the beginning for their friendship.

Mona Lisa Smile comes full circle when progressive Katherine Watson is set to teach art history at one of the only all-girls colleges in the country, Wellesley. Not only does it capture the evolution of art from the stone ages until the current 1953 the movie is set in, but the progression of the girls she is in care of. A woman’s place was set in stone and, in the ‘50s, no one was making much headway on changing that. Mrs. Watson challenges the notion, imploring her students to look beyond idealized picturesque lives and ̈the roles they were born to fill. ̈ Graduation is an enlightening experience with Mrs. Watson graduating into her self-confidence as her students graduate alongside her.

Saving the best for last, how can we forget the movie that made us excited to be seniors in the first place? High School Musical 3: Senior Year tops the list following our most iconic characters Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay and her twin brother Ryan, Chad and Taylor as they enter their senior year. From the iconic soundtrack to the heart-wrenching plot, our cast looks to what’s beyond high school and what awaits them in college and the near future.

As evidenced from above, you could fill a whole movie with the memories you make in high school. Graduation is the natural ending and new beginning to our lives—a step we are proud to take. As we grow into our true selves, we won’t forget the hard work and dedication it took to get there and what motivated us to get through it. The Wolf honors all seniors as they achieve their wildest dreams, leaving the world in their wake. The future is yours for the taking.