Exchange students depart early due to Covid-19

Cassia Tippett, Staff Writer

2020 has been such a mess: the coronavirus, killer bees, UFOs, a parallel universe and that’s not even the start. Due to the coronavirus, everything was cut short—even the exchange students’ year abroad; for the remainder of the year, they have to stay inside. The Wolf recently caught up with Audrey Maucourtt and Iago Peinado, from France and Brazil, respectively. Audrey previously attended Lycée Racan, Racan High School, and lived in Château-du-Loire, France. Iago went to Colégio São Roque, São Roque High School in his city, São Roque, Brazil.

Q: Have you made your way home yet? And if you haven’t, have they set a date for you to get back and see
your family?
Audrey Maucourtt: “I go back May 31st. My family will come to pick me up at the airport, but I’m not allowed to touch them. I’m going to be home alone quarantined for 14 days.”
Iago Peinado: “Yes, I have made it home!”

Q: How do you feel about your exchange trip getting cut
AM: “I’m sad and happy because I want to see my family and friends again. I miss them, but I also want to stay here because of the amazing experience.”
IP: “I feel really sad! I was experiencing my life dream and not being able to finish it and having no graduation left me sad.”

Q: How are things now?
AM: “I’m still here, but I’m leaving soon. I’m here with my rotary friends. I can choose if I want to stay here or leave, but my parents are stressed about me, so I have to leave early.”
IP: “Things are gradually getting back to normal. It is hard to get over it quickly. It takes time, but every time I try to think positively.”

Q: What do you miss about TuHS?
AM: “The football games were awesome. I miss some of my classes, and the school in general. It’s all chill.”
IP: “I think I’ll miss the feeling of being at an American school; it is huge and cool. And also, of course, my friends, haha.”